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EPS (Oily Water Separator)

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This is the essential spare part of EPS® Oily Water Separator. 
This EPS PACK forms the woven plates which are piled up at regular intervals and each plate egg-the time needed for the rise of oil.

Oily Water Separator (EGG - shape Plate Separator)is a system for separating oil from water in the mixture, which is based on the dissimilitude of specific gravity (:buoyancy) between oil& water.
The type is to fill up the EPS pack in the fourcorners & tank to raise the separation capability of the mixture by the action of separation with EPS pack.
EPS Oily Water Separator is rated as the latest mode and operates in physical way.
It can be operated without power supply.
It has excellent efficiency of oily water separation & sludge removal.
And it can be used semi-permanently just by cleaned every 6000 hours without pulling out the pack 

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A) EPS- P8
It is provided oily water separating tank and used for the oil which has lower viscosity than engine oil in
oil-water mixture.

It also has very excellent efficiency of oily water separation.

B) EPS- P16
It is generally placed on the fore treatment tank, and used in the higher viscosity oil or the part Containing much sludge
C) EPS -P50
It has a wide plate gap, a good dispersion efficiency and a high viscosity.
It is generally used for API, PPI, a substitute for CPI or DAF at the place of high viscosity, a large oil drop such as bunker oil & a crude oil and a large amount of remnants. Recently it is used for the gig speed sedimentation tank & the high speed rising tank.

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CHARACTERISTIC OF EPS® Oily Water Separator 

1) Permanent Term of Use -EPS® PACK & other S/Parts are immovable, and there is rolling part. So it can actually be used semipermanently.

2) Efficient Separation -It can be efficient separated thanks to the effect of partition without power supply. 

3) High treatment Efficiency -The efficiency of treatment gets higher than existing CPI & CPS type by 30~60%.

4) Wide Removal Capacity -It's possible to remove 99% of oil, by attaching fore treatment tank. 

5) yp q p Various type of Equipment -We can gave various type of equipment able to remove various oil or sludge. 

6) It doesn't need any manager -The doesn't need any manager as on the mode of continuous separation by natural pressure, and so it's possible for anyone to operate the equipment easily. 

7) Easy Maintenance -EPS Pack is not clogged, so it can be used for a long time. 

8) Handy gy cleaning system -Cleaning depends on the degree of sludge. In normal, it is the only maintenance operation. After draining water fix wash that the plates are washed after 6000 hours of nozzle to industrial water then clean the plates without pulling out. Cleaning is not necessary on occasion. 

9) Curtailment of oil expenditure for waste oil disposal -Thanks to the installation of oil re-separator tank, the oil separated contains a little water, and so it's possible to curtail the oil expenditure. 

10) Re-use of separated oil     -It possible to use the oil separated, it necessary. 

11) The surface of water in Oily water separating tank so always clean -As oil is not accumulated in the Oily water separating tank, there is not oil decomposition or small and there is no need of frequent oil discharge.

12) Visible check of separating procedure -As the upper part of oily water separating tank is a always clean, the flow of water can be seen in

1) Oil drop size fin case of specific gravity 0.9) -Bigger than 15. it can be removed 100% -15 and smaller, they can be removed more than 90%

2) Sludge size (in case of specific gravity 1.5) -Bigger than 8.5, it can be removed 100% -8.5 and smaller. they can be removed more than 90%

3) Even the oil of 90% density (900.000ppm) can be removed 100%

4) The density of separated oil is 90%
-Oily Water Separating re-separate water in order to discharge thick oil.
-Curtailment of expenditure for waste oil disposal.

5) Extension of cleaning cycle
-It needs cleaning every 6.000 hours. without pulling out the pack by using sludge hole. (In case of EPS, it should be cleaned every 2,000 hours by pulling out the pack)



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